The Breakthrough Programme visualisation therapy is a process which could help you become the person you would like to be. 


The Breakthrough Programme may help you to:

* Realise your dreams and achieve your goals

* Tap into your inner resources of love, compassion and well-being

* Learn self-empowering techniques to enable you to make life changes

* Embrace health, wealth and happiness

* Dissolve your fears

* Let go of unhelpful habits and think “Change is possible, I can do this, I am good enough”

* Use guided visualisation to address physical and emotional pain


Treatments are available in Leicester and Rugby, alongside Skype/phone consultations.

The Breakthrough Programme developed by Mark Spiers

Breakthrough Programme Visualisation Therapy
Breakthrough Programme Visualisation Therapy

With The Breakthrough Programme, you may learn how to get in touch with your inner resources of self-worth and self-knowledge.

Breakthrough Programme Visualisation Therapy

Shiatsu is a form of therapeutic bodywork which may stimulate the body’s responses. Treatment may help a wide range of conditions, from specific injuries 

or pains to general feelings of malaise.

Breakthrough Programme Visualisation Therapy

I give Shiatsu treatments as a stand-alone therapy or, when appropriate, as part of a Breakthrough session.